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West Coast Midnight Run™ | About Important
An entertainment magazine for the business executive and the general public, geared towards the driving enthusiasts on the road of life. Lifestyles, technology, business, economics, movies, music, consumer electronics, cuisine and international events are all showcased and spotlighted in a biennial edition.
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It would be a fair statement to say that most of our first-time visitors have a tendency to get lost in finding their way around our content and sites, primarily because we have built up our infrastructure slowly and over the span of 15 years.
Please keep in mind we maintain two separate sites, one is the MAIN HUB and has all the updates, highlights, blog articles, forums and comments section to the articles published.
The other site is the DELUXE EDITIONS where we offer our members access to the biennial art books volumes that are styled, to some extent, along the lines of monthly lifestyles and glamour magazines – with several notable differences.
Once you visit the MAIN HUB you should read the FAQs/LEGAL tab which has a few helpful pieces of information that will allow you to more easily navigate both of our sites.